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About Us


Hillside Puppy School started out as a specialist training school for puppies and adolescent dogs in the Aylesbury area. This extended  to include dogs of all ages and backgrounds, including rescue dogs.


We are now happy to launch Stay and Train at our new home in North Devon.  Guests can enjoy the perfect holiday with their dogs, with your very own trainer on site. A lot easier than committing to weekly classes with little opportunity to practice.  


Alongside Stay and Train, I am re-launching  puppy and dog training at our new  home. I can either visit you, have a training session in our  orchard or manege, or, in the beautiful North Devon Secure Dog Field which is right next door




 It would be easy to simply launch into a list of qualifications and skill sets, but the REAL REASON clients pick me is my attitude.  I love  helping people, and get huge satisfaction from setting them up for success!


So much heartache can be avoided by getting things right from the very beginning. Ideally, at the stage when you are wondering whether to bring a puppy, or adult dog into your life. Getting advice at this stage can save you money and heartbreak

I want to help my clients achieve their dream of their dog being a sociable, well-mannered family member that they can confidently take out and about with them, knowing they will be relaxed, settled and a joy to have around

I will support and help you at every stage of your journey






Puppy School UK Tutor

APDT (no. 01523)


AD-PDT (games-based)

​    Dynamic Dog Practitioner

I have specialist experience of early puppies, having bred puppies myself, many of which became successful Assistance Dogs.

I am an accredited Darwin Dogs instructor (helping train autism and mental health support dogs)

I fostered dogs for Medical Detection Dogs and worked alongside their trainers to ensure their welfare needs were met.

I invest in my continued professional competence to ensure that I am using the most effective, ethical training methods

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