At Hillside puppy school we endeavour to support you and your dog from choosing the perfect pet all the way through to helping you address the needs of your adult dog. Select a service below for more information and to book, or contact us directly 



Puppy Finding advice

Price: £35 for a 45 minute consultation

Not got a puppy yet, but wondering the best way to find one?  

Maybe you are not sure if a puppy would fit in with your lifestyle?


Few people want to fall into the trap of buying an illegally imported puppy with fake papers, or to buy from a squalid puppy farm. But according to the Kennel Club one in four puppies are likely to come from puppy farms. Even if you manage to avoid these pitfalls there are many ignorant or less scrupulous people who are breeding from dogs with no genetic health tests and poor standards of care. It is easy to be mislead, what might look like a cheap puppy (they often aren't cheap!) could turn into an expensive nightmare. If you would like to discuss whether a puppy, or older dog, would be right for your lifestyle, or if you would like advice about different breeds and types of dog and where you should go to find one, I am happy to help.

I can give you a good idea about what to expect when you bring a puppy, or new dog, into your life and outline what to expect in terms of time commitment and expense.I will also run through equipment suggestions with you and feeding and puppy/dog care.


Pre-Puppy Consultation

Price: £35 for a 45 minute video call

If you have not brought your puppy home yet I strongly recommend booking a Pre-Puppy Consultation. This can help you decide on

The journey home from the breeder

Necessary (and unnecessary!) equipment 

Setting your puppy up for success

How to introduce other pets and children,

How to deal with puppy play biting/nipping

How to arrange a safe space for your puppy

How to house train

How to crate train (if required)

How to avoid common pitfalls

How to stop jumping up


Early days consultation

Price: £35 for a 45 minute video call

This is an extremely popular option with clients who are either booked on the Puppy School course, or a 1:2:1 course.

This is a one hour conversation through video call covering any early puppy issues that you might have, which could include the following:

House training

Puppy play biting and mouthing

Barking/crying when left


Jumping up

Relationship building

It can also be a chance to get your training off to a great start.


Puppy School

Price: Varies according to choice

This is our six week, flagship course, especially designed for puppies.

Pre Covid-19, it was held at our training venue in Aston Clinton, but during lockdown we moved it online to give owners and their puppies the support and training that they need in these challenging times.

Originally reserved for vaccinated puppies up to a maximum of 20 weeks old (at the start of the course), this course now welcomes your puppy AS SOON AS YOU GET THEM HOME! There is no need to wait for their vaccinations and everyone can stay comfortable, relaxed and safe in their own home. This has the massive advantage in promoting good habits such as walking on a loose lead from the very beginning - your puppy never learns to pull on the lead! There is also scope to cater for older puppies too.

You will learn to teach your puppy;

How to walk nicely on a loose lead

How to settle quietly

How to come back to you when called

To be confident in new situations

To understand cues such as sit, down, wait

To have good manners around food

To be happy being handled by anyone

To play appropriately with other dogs and humans




We are now offering two options:


Blended Course 



This is split between online and outdoors when weather permits.

The first three sessions are taught online, from the comfort of your home and the last three are held outdoors in a secure 2 acre field (with the added bonus of a covered training area). This means that you can take advantage of the early weeks to master your basic training without distractions and then, when your puppy is fully vaccinated, meet your class face to face to continue your training. It also gives us the option to be flexible in the event of future lockdowns or illness. 


One to One 100% Online Course 


This option allows you to have my undivided attention throughout the six week course and allows us to proceed at your puppy's speed and to tailor the course to your personal requirements 


With both of these courses you received our 28 page colour Training Manual and a fabulous welcome box from Natures Menu (worth £30) which are sent to you by courier


The classes are delivered on (similar to Zoom).  Each week you will be taught approximately five exercises which are demonstrated via video while I talk you through the required technique.  You then practice with your puppy while I offer individual coaching and advice to each attendee to help them achieve success.

I offer a free 'Try Before you Buy' 15 minute online taster session so you can try out the virtual classroom for yourself and discuss your requirements


Online courses are great for young puppies. They find it easier to concentrate at home in a familiar environment, without the distraction of being with other puppies, a noisy hall, or an open space, exposed to weather. It also means you can start your training much earlier, because we don't need to wait for vaccinations to be completed. It is also potentially safer for you and your family




Super Pup

Price: £95 for a 6 week course

This is our new Super-fun course designed to turn your puppy into a superhero!

It is perfectly designed to follow your Puppy School course and is designed to be followed online from the comfort of your home.

It is made up of lots of games for all the family to play and has a healthy mix of socialisation challenges thrown in for good measure!


Do you want a SuperPup? A puppy that chooses good deeds over chaos and mischief? Learn how to bring out your puppy's inner superhero with our SuperPup programme. Take that boundless energy and develop it into super skills for life.  From sidekick to superhero in just 6 weeks!


Each session we will show you fun ways to develop your puppy's superpowers and turn chaos into confidence and calm


 - Super Speed - Speed up those recalls. Increase focus on you on walks. with this superpower your puppy will be the fastest in the park!

- Super Strength and Fitness - Simple doggie workouts and body maintenance tips for your SuperPup.  Important for all superheroes!

- Super Stealth and Stillness - Teach your SuperPup the skill of complete calmness. Sometimes stealth is required on superhero missions

- Super Senses - sharpen up your SuperPup's senses. Play simple scent work games. Build confidence around scary noises. Teach your SuperPup courage and bravery!

-Super Flexibility - On things, over things, under things. Fun ideas to improve your SuperPup's flexibility

-Super Social - From the Avengers to the X-Men, no superhero is complete without their team. Learn how to become your own superhero team with your Superpup

- Socialisation Snakes and Ladders - Throughout the course, use our snakes and ladders game of socialisation challenges homework each week


Superpup is perfectly designed to deliver a core of serious exercises which build on skills that have already been learnt in Puppy School. This is achieved through a series of clever, easy challenges.  These exercises combine fun with a powerful relationship boost that will help you and your puppy navigate through adolescence and beyond.


Booking essential



Puppy High School

Price: £95 for a 6 week course

This is the perfect follow-on course for your puppy once they have completed Puppy School.  In this course we build on the skills you have already learned and add in some real-world challenges by taking your training to an outdoor environment.


Have fun learning how to


Use a clicker

Walk on a loose lead with outdoor distractions

Walk by your side without a lead

To come when called outdoors

Leave it


Go to bed

Hand target/touch


Plus lots more!


I will teach you a new game each week and we will finish off the course with our confidence building obstacle course.


Classes will be held on Saturdays in a secure paddock.

Includes a free goodie bag and clicker


Booking essential


Outdoor Success course

Price: £95 for a 6 week course

Does your dog go deaf when outdoors?

Do they choose squirrels and other dogs over you?

Do they find the outside environment more exciting than you?

This course is designed to build the powerful concepts of proximity and focus - a dog that LOVES to be close to you and chooses YOU over the squirrels and distractions. It will make you the centre of all things fun for your dog, making recall struggles a thing of the past. Walks will become stress-free and FUN

Teach your dog to FOCUS on you

Play GAMES to super-charge your recall

Teach loose lead walking outdoors in the 'real world' with distractions through GAMES

Teach a reliable 'Stay' outdoors

Teach your dog good manners around other dogs and people


£95 for six week course (includes a goodie bag and whistle)

1:2:1 training

Price: Start at £45 for a 1 hour online session. For face to face, please enquire

If you have an older puppy or dog, or you would like some extra help, one hour 1:2:1 sessions are available. 


This could be to help with general training, or to help you overcome specific issues or behaviour challenges such as not coming when called, resource guarding, barking or a lack of confidence. I have experience in working with rescue dogs, including those from overseas.


These sessions can either be held online on or at my outdoor venue depending on your needs. 

Please be aware that some issues will require more than one session. Please contact me to discuss your requirements and for further information.

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