Puppy Pre-School is where you will learn those early skills that will get your relationship with your puppy off to a flying start.

This short course is designed to help owners in the important period between getting their puppy home, and being able to take him/her to puppy classes and out into the wider world. It is 100% virtual (with live teaching), so you can even start this course before you get your puppy home!

The most important period for puppy social development is from about 3-12 weeks. During this time they are building up mental pictures of what the world looks like, so their experience at the breeder's house and their early weeks with you, (prior to vaccinations being completed), are really important.

During the course we will discuss:

  • House training

  • How to train your puppy to love their crate /bed 

  • How to help your puppy settle alone

  • How much sleep does my puppy need?

  • How to stop puppy biting/mouthing

  • How to teach my puppy to greet people politely

  • How to read my puppy's body language

  • What games can I play with my puppy?

  • How to build confident, rock star puppies

  • Reward-based training vs. correction

  • Enrichment ideas for keeping busy puppies calm

  • How to choose equipment

  • How to introduce puppies to children

  • How to introduce puppies to other animals

  • How to choose healthy food, chews and treats

  • What are the first things I should teach my puppy?

3 x 30 minute virtual sessions for £60 if you have already signed up for Puppy School