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Stay and Train... OR..... Stay and Play!

Join us at The Old Stables at Kipscombe for the perfect dog training holiday experience. 

We can provide a relaxing, rejuvenating experience surrounded by gorgeous North Devon countryside, where you will leave with a better relationship with your dog. 

Perfect for reactive or anxious dogs, we can help turn your struggles into strengths and turn your loveable rogue into a loveable superstar 

Each is custom designed for your training requirements, and preferences, which we will endeavour to fit around any sight seeing or beach trips you might have in mind.

Maybe you would like to work through our Outside Success course and learn how to teach a reliable recall? Perhaps you would like to revisit loose lead walking and not jumping up?

Other courses such as Gundog Games, scent work and parkour are also available.


- Private fenced orchard

- All weather manège

- North Devon Secure Dog Field (next door and 2 acres)


Packages are based on how immersive you would like your experience to be:

Bronze Level - 3 hours of training or games

Silver Level - 6 hours of training/games

Gold Level - 6 hours of training/games PLUS a further 3 hours which might include discussion, and behaviour support given alongside a mug of tea/glass of wine to unravel concerns, or simply to talk dog! 


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