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Puppy High School

6 weeks for £95

This is the perfect follow-on course for your puppy once they have completed Puppy School.  In this course we build on the skills you have already learned and add in some real-world challenges by taking your training to an outdoor environment.


Have fun learning how to


Use a clicker

Walk on a loose lead with outdoor distractions

Walk by your side without a lead

To come when called outdoors

Leave it


Go to bed

Hand target/touch


Plus lots more!


Outdoor success

6 weeks for £95

Does your dog go deaf when outdoors?

Do they choose squirrels and other dogs over you?

Do they find the outside environment more exciting than you?

This course is designed to build the powerful concepts of proximity and focus - a dog that LOVES to be close to you and chooses YOU over the squirrels and distractions. It will make you the centre of all things fun for your dog, making recall struggles a thing of the past. Walks will become stress-free and FUN

Teach your dog to FOCUS on you

Play GAMES to super-charge your recall

Teach a reliable WHISTLE recall

Teach loose lead walking outdoors in the 'real world' with distractions through GAMES

Teach a reliable 'Stay' outdoors

Teach your dog good manners around other dogs and people

  • Invitation only group for advanced students

    Started Nov 27, 2021

    75 British pounds
  • A perfect follow on course for older puppies

    Started Apr 23

    85 British pounds
  • A perfect follow on course for older puppies and young dogs

    Starts May 19

    95 British pounds
  • A mixed ability group for all ages carried out in a safe outside train

    45 British pounds
  • A workshop to teach dogs to enjoy walking on a loose lead

    45 British pounds
  • Follow on training for older puppies and young dogs

    Started Apr 23

    75 British pounds