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First Day at Uni

Keeva had a very full day on Sunday. It started with her going in my daughter, Emily's, car to visit some friends in Aylesbury. This time it was a very new experience for her, because being cute and fluffy she is used to everyone loving her..well these friends are CAT PEOPLE and 'do not get on with dogs'. This meant that she learned a valuable lesson that cuteness is not a passport to cuddles from everyone you meet, sometimes you have to give people their own space too.

While Emily and Charlie were entertaining Keeva, we were filling every last square inch of our car with bags of clothes, food, coat hangers, pots and pans, shoes, bedding, a small TV and yet more food, for Rory's first day at Uni at Brookes.

On arrival we started carrying the seemingly endless number of boxes and bags into Rory's new room. This was further helped by the arrival of Emily and Keeva who had left their Oxford friends to help out. So Keeva was faced with yet another new environment. Electronic door keys that ping, heavy fire doors swinging shut and large numbers of students, some of whom were in dire need of cuddles having left their own dogs at home..

Well uni rooms are not very large, so where can a tired pup get some shut eye without being trampled? Keeva found the perfect place on a shelf of Rory's cupboard and settled down for a quick nap. She must have been very tired because the four of us humans were making quite a racket with clattering pans and squashing boxes all around her. Thankfully she has been used to sleeping with noise from the very beginning so she was unfazed

Having unloaded the car, we headed to the nearest pub for some rather late refreshments for us humans. This also proved to be a great learning experience for little Keeva. The chosen pub was on a main road close to a hospital and we were sat outside close to all the action. There was constant traffic, buses, and ambulances with sirens on about every 5 minutes, as well as the added distraction of delicious smelling food on the table. Ok, I know Keeva must have been tired, but she was an absolute star and settled straight down for a nap. Just what you want from a pub pup.

Our walk back to the car was not without drama either.. Someone had set fire to a bin and the fire brigade rocked up and drenched it with water...

There were no Morris Men unfortunately, so I will have to find them somewhere else, but really my message is to just get out there, you never know what you will see!

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